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ac repairAlthough we do not experience a lot of hot days in Berkeley, have you ever been in this situation? You walk down to your car in the morning, hop in, turn the key, and after the car roars to life, you wait for the AC to kick in. And you wait. And wait. Or worse yet, it does work, but it only blows more hot air into your already sweltering vehicle. With the Berkeley heat, that isn’t a situation you want to be in. If this has ever happened to you, or you’d like to avoid it in the future, you’ll want to trust your auto AC service and repair to the team of auto wizards at Argonaut Garage.

Auto AC Service Berkeley CA

Smart drivers who want to avoid this situation will generally keep up with their recommended twice-yearly auto AC service. At Argonaut Garage, we recommend this service be performed once in the spring, and once in the fall, in case we have a few cold mornings, and you need your car’s heater to be working as well. During this service, our team will inspect your entire AC system, checking each piece for weaknesses, leaks, or even places that might become problems in the future. It’s a painless process that will ensure you are never uncomfortable in your car.

Auto AC Repair Berkeley CA

So maybe you didn’t keep up with your auto AC service, or you know what? Sometimes things just break. Now you are stuck in a hot car with no relief. What do you do? Why, you bring your vehicle down to the bays at Argonaut Garage, of course! Our team of expert mechanics will quickly diagnose your auto AC issues and discuss any needed repairs before we ever pick up a wrench. When it comes to broken auto AC systems, the problem is often solved with a simple coolant recharge, but sometimes problems with the compressor are to blame. We won’t know until we take a look!

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People spend a lot of time in their cars these days, and everyone deserves to be comfortable while they drive. A working auto AC is the only way to make that comfort happen. At Argonaut Garage in Berkeley, CA, we want to partner with you on keeping your auto AC in good shape or repairing it when something goes wrong. No matter what your auto AC needs, you can be assured that if you bring it to Argonaut Garage, it will be done right the first time, every time. Make an appointment with us today!

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