Berkeley, California is perhaps best known as home to the University of California Berkeley, which just happens to be UC’s oldest campus— but there’s more. Walking or driving through Berkeley, you might note certain streets bear the names of California counties. This takes us back to a time when, nearly a century ago, legislators tried to make Berkeley the capitol of California.

After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires, and then during World War II, Berkeley’s growth seemed unbounded. In the 1960s, University of California Berkeley was known as a hotbed of political radicals, with students and alumni alike supporting the civil rights movement and free speech. Today of course, Berkeley is not the capitol, but its importance as a center of free speech, cultural diversity and environmentalism has endured to this day.

Ethnic restaurants of practically any heritage can be found here, most of them within walking distance of the university or public transportation. Recreational activities are varied, from beach walks and dedicated bike lanes, to hikes in regional parks.

While some of Berkeley is well served by the public transportation system, there are many places you just can’t get to without your own car. Argonaut Garage is at your service to keep your ride in prime condition, hybrid or otherwise. We’re located right here in Berkeley, and among all others we proudly serve the adjacent community of Westbrae. Altogether, we take pride in our passionate and eco-friendly approach to auto repair.

Argonaut Garage – “A forward-moving, technologically savvy institution with its roots planted in the honor and integrity of the past.”

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