diagnosticsLook, no one knows your car better than you do. You know how it feels when you drive it, and you know all the little ins and outs of how it runs. So when something is off, you can generally count on noticing it. Maybe your gears are shifting a little rougher than you remember, maybe your engine seems to be running louder, or worst of all, maybe your check engine light is activated. What do you do? Ignore the problem? No, you get your vehicle to Argonaut Garage for auto computer diagnostics.

Computer Diagnostics Berkeley CA

So you’ve noticed a problem, or your check engine light is on, and you’ve (smartly) brought your vehicle to the mechanical wizards at Argonaut Garage. What happens next? Our team will hook your vehicle up to a state-of-the-art computer diagnostics machine and run a series of tests. Your car’s various systems will return a sequence of readouts that will allow our team to pinpoint precisely where the problem lies, and then we can discuss any needed repairs with you. That engine knock or slipped gear will not get any better by ignoring it, so bring your car in for auto computer diagnostics today.

Check Engine Light Berkeley CA

Most drivers’ worst nightmare is having that check engine light come on. Seeing as it is a catch-all for various problems in your engine, transmission, exhaust, ignition, and other areas, it is impossible to know what is wrong with your vehicle. Most drivers’ first instinct is to ignore it and hope it goes away, but this is a huge mistake. Any problem that activates the check engine light is going to only get worse over time, so once it pops up, make sure you get your vehicle to Argonaut Garage for a computer diagnostics test. We will be able to find the problem, and fast.

Computer Diagnostics Near Me

So whether you’ve noticed a problem with your car or your check engine light is on, it is time for computer diagnostics from Argonaut Garage in Berkeley, CA. Our team of experienced auto mechanics has decades of shared experience in running and interpreting these tests, and we can find any problem your car might have in a matter of minutes. Then, of course, we can suggest needed repairs with you before we ever even pick up a wrench. Do not ignore issues with your vehicle; partner with us to figure them out and get them fixed. Make an appointment or swing by Argonaut Garage today!

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