Considered one of the worst natural disasters in the country, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and subsequent fires displaced a lot of people. Some of them settled the area which eventually became known as “El Cerrito,” which translates from Spanish as “the little hill.”

Located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, El Cerrito is a hilly area, offering some spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge to the southeast. El Cerrito has been described as “unpretentious,” particularly in comparison to the large metropolitan area in which it resides. It’s not particularly glamorous, which suits its residents just fine. El Cerrito is the perfect place to unwind if you’ve just commuted back from more densely populated areas.

Located just five miles from University of California Berkeley, students and faculty alike find El Cerrito a nice place to live and a comfortable commute. El Cerrito is family-friendly, from the attentive local police force to the many activities in the area, including the El Cerrito Plaza shopping center and the Cerrito Theatre. Outdoor activities abound in El Cerrito, practically surrounded as it is by parks and undeveloped natural areas. Residents and visitors remark that Wildcat Canyon Regional Park is particularly welcoming.

There’s one thing that ties all this together, however, that being transportation. While El Cerrito is serviced by two BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations, most residents find that a reliable automobile is essential. To keep your car, truck or SUV running reliably, we suggest visiting Argonaut Garage in Berkeley, where we are fully-equipped to support your driving lifestyle. We’re located just a few minutes south of El Cerrito, not far from where you live and work.

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