Professional Electric Car Repair

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) around Berkeley, there’s no doubt you appreciate its unparalleled performance and efficiency. Your electric car also supports your lifestyle, from daily commutes to weekend getaways. To keep it that way, having a knowledgeable electric car repair shop on call is essential.

At Argonaut Garage in Berkeley, our excellent electric car repair service is getting even better, just as you would expect from a well-established repair shop. With plenty of work space, Argonaut Garage has expanded its electric car repair service to better serve our Berkeley-area EV customers. Your electric car may require less service, but that doesn’t make those services any less important. From tires and coolant, to charging, range or performance problems, visit our Berkeley shop, where we offer a complete range of electric car diagnostic and repair services.

Timely Electric Car Maintenance and Repair

Taking care of your EV is just as important as driving it well; regular charge and drive cycles keep the battery “exercised,” regular maintenance keeps things running smoothly, and prompt diagnosis and repair will keep your EV on the road for years to come. With Argonaut Garage’s personalized service program and experienced ASE-Certified technicians, your EV is in the right hands.

Maintenance isn’t all we do at Argonaut Garage, because we know that maintenance alone isn’t always enough. Sometimes parts just wear out, which is when our electric car repair specialists get to work. Whether the issue is related to the powertrain, chassis, brakes or electrical system, we have the experience you need to get your electric car repairs done correctly.

Passionate Electric Car Repairs at Argonaut Garage

It’s our passion that makes Argonaut Garage different from other electric car repair shops. Your electric vehicle is indeed an engineering marvel, and you’ll probably agree that having it maintained by someone who loves what they’re doing is a wonderful thing. Of course, we backup our passion with ASE certifications and top-quality parts. Altogether, trust Argonaut Garage for all your electric car repair needs.

Argonaut Garage – “A forward-moving, technologically savvy institution with its roots planted in the honor and integrity of the past.”

Hybrid Repair in Berkeley, CA at Argonaut Garage

Total Trust

More than service with a smile…service with professionalism, efficiency, knowledge about the field, honesty and courtesy. Run (well Drive) – do not walk next time you need repairs for your car!

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