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Every vehicle is responsible for a certain amount of emissions, from the most economical hybrid commuter to the largest luxury SUV. Running properly, the only emissions coming from your vehicle should be water and carbon dioxide. Still, car problems can lead to excessive emissions, some of them environmentally hazardous. To keep your vehicle “clean” you need a trusted place for emission repairs. Whether you’re driving a classic car, modern hybrid or anything in between, Argonaut Garage is that place.

State-of-the-art emission repair is available at Argonaut Garage in Berkeley. Our space and experience will prove more efficient than ever, thanks to the knowledge of our ASE-Certified technicians.

Professional Emission Repair When You Need It

While no vehicle is truly emission free, modern emissions control systems have reduced emissions drastically in comparison to previous generations. Sophisticated computer controls have managed to extract more power, more efficiently, than ever before. Still, this hasn’t reduced the need for skilled technicians to maintain them.

A Check Engine light is often the first indicator of an emissions problem. Other times, you might notice a decrease in performance or fuel economy. No matter what you drive, prompt emission repairs are critical to keeping your vehicle as clean as possible.

Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups, keep your vehicle running efficiently. If something goes wrong, quick attention will restore efficient operation and prevent collateral damage and spiraling emission repair costs. Equipped with the latest emissions diagnostic equipment, Argonaut Garage has your emission repairs covered.

What Sets Argonaut Garage Emission Repair Apart?

Argonaut Garage is different from other emission repair shops. Yes, we are different— in the best possible ways:

  • Your expenses come before our profit.
  • We think of your vehicle as if our own family were in it.
  • Our approaches and procedures are environmentally friendly.

Only the most dedicated technicians find a place at Argonaut Garage, and they have the training and experience to earn that place. Whether your Check Engine light points to a loose gas cap or a more serious engine mechanical problem, be assured that a qualified professional will diagnose your emissions system properly. Using quality parts and proven procedures, Argonaut Garage will make sure your emissions control system is functioning at 100% before saying it’s “done.”

Argonaut Garage – “A forward-moving, technologically savvy institution with its roots planted in the honor and integrity of the past.”

Emission Repair in Berkeley, CA at Argonaut Garage

Total Trust

More than service with a smile…service with professionalism, efficiency, knowledge about the field, honesty and courtesy. Run (well Drive) – do not walk next time you need repairs for your car!

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Argonaut Garage Gives You More:

  • A Full-Service Location
  • Professional, Personalized Service
  • ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Classic Car Expertise
  • Hybrid Car Specialists
  • Certified Green Business
  • Available Shuttle Transport
Auto Repair in Berkeley, CA at Argonaut Garage

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Trustworthy and No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

Whether an O2 sensor needs replacement or a new transmission rebuilt, our Service Advisors make sure every diagnosis is explained, and make sure you completely approve of the recommendations, before any repair is performed. Learn more about what a particular service is by watching our educational videos.

We have a video library that is meant to educate our customers and help them to achieve a higher level of understanding about a specific Repair.

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