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engine repairsThink of the engine like a beating heart in your vehicle. It is what gives your vehicle its power. As car owners, we want our cars to provide max power and perform at top performance all the time. That can be achieved, but it can only be done by maintaining proper maintenance. Argonaut Garage in Berkeley, CA, is the best full-service auto repair shop in town. This is because we love cars, and we love our customers. Every vehicle we work on in our garage is treated as if it was our own. See us for quality engine repair and service to keep your vehicle running as it should.

Engine Repair Berkeley CA

The unfortunate fact is that no matter how many oil changes or services you have done on your vehicle, sometimes the unexpected happens. When the unexpected happens to you and your engine breaks down, it is nice to know you have an auto repair shop there for you and offers quality service. It is nice to know that you have Argonaut Garage in Berkeley by your side. If you are ever in need of engine repairs, our team of expert mechanics is here to help. We offer quality and dependable repairs just for you! Give us a call today, and let us help with the unfortunate.

Engine Service Berkeley CA

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, whether a jalopy or a brand new car, the engine requires the same basic needs. Depending on how you drive, conditions of the road, and the make and model of your vehicle will all play a role in how much wear and tear your vehicle receives and how often these needs should be met. At Argonaut Garage, we have accepted that engines break down and will eventually need repairs, but we also know that we can prevent this need for repairs for as long as we can with the proper upkeep of our engines. The most common services your engine will need are an oil change, spark plug replacement (wires too if your vehicle has them), belt replacement, fuel injection repair & many more.

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Quality, reliability, and honesty are the few reasons we started Argonaut Garage. We have been providing the residents of Berkeley, CA, with the best automotive repairs in town for years now, and we think it is time for you to experience what the best truly feels like. Get top-quality service that was founded on tried and true mechanic techniques at Argonaut Garage today. Give us a call for your next service.

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