Professional Nissan Repair in Berkeley, CA

Your New and Trusted Nissan Repair Shop

If you drive a Nissan around Berkeley or Kensington, you’re not far from one of the two best Nissan repair shops in the area: Argonaut Garage now offers top-class Nissan repair at two convenient locations.
Previously known as Kensington Service Station, we’ve taken on a new name Argonaut Garage and that’s not all. We’ve also expanded, adding a new location in Berkeley, just three miles away. With all this new space in which to work, were continuing to deliver the best Nissan repair service in the area.
First, more than 4,000 square feet of new space will give us even more room to serve our Nissan customers, with even more in-depth repairs than at the Kensington location. Second, your Nissan service is even more convenient for you, with two locations from which to choose, both offering the same top level of service. Third, our new shuttle service helps you get back to where you need to be.
Altogether, we have the tools, training, certifications and experience you need to keep your Nissan running in top form. As you well know, a well-maintained Nissan is a pleasure to drive, saving you time and money, not to mention stress!

Timing is Everything: Nissan Repair

Your Nissan, whether old or new, and a car, truck or SUV, is especially dependent on professional service to run well in the long term. Argonaut Garage recommends regular preventative maintenance and prompt Nissan repairs. Routine maintenance extends the life of your vehicle, while giving Argonaut Garage technicians a chance to look it over. If they note a problem, taking care of it right away will ultimately save you time and money.
For example, a check engine light not only signals that your Nissan is experiencing a fault, but also that it is probably running less efficiently. You may be able to drive around, but youll notice a drop in performance and fuel economy. Putting off Nissan repairs will cost you more money over time, not to mention parts that could become further damaged.
Proper maintenance and repairs keep your Nissan running on all cylinders. Argonaut Garage is your trustworthy source for all your Nissan repair needs.

Argonaut Garage Proudly Provides:

  • One Full Service Location
  • Professional, Personalized Service
  • ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Classic Car Expertise
  • Hybrid Car Specialists
  • Environmentally Friendly Procedures
  • Available Shuttle Transport

Total Trust

More than service with a smile…service with professionalism, efficiency, knowledge about the field, honesty and courtesy. Run (well Drive) – do not walk next time you need repairs for your car!

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