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We strive to make our pricing clear and concise. Outlined are our standard pricing options for general service. However, pricing may differ for the following vehicles: Exotic brands, diesel engine vehicles, modified or race vehicles, engines over 8 cylinders, salvage or damaged vehicles, or vehicles 10 years or older. Please call to verify if your vehicle falls under this category. 

Check Basic Fluids


Check Engine Light Code Scan


Full 15/30/45/60/90k Inspection

15k Service: Oil and filter change, tire rotation, test drive on the freeway, thorough brake and vehicle inspection, when we are done you will know more about your car than you probably want to.


5k mile service and Inspection   (Conventional)

5k Service: Oil and filter change, tire rotation, short test drive and safety inspection


5k mile service and Inspection   (Synthetic)


5k mile service and Inspection (V8)


Tire Rotation (free with service)


Brake Concern Inspection

Brake inspection: Test drive, thorough inspection of the braking system and over all safety inspection. If you need brake work, some or all of this may be applied to the cost of the repair.


Wiper Blades (Each)


Filter Replacement – Air


Filter Replacement – Cabin


Fluid Change – Brake System


Fluid Change – Cooling System


Fluid Change – Transmission (Automatic /   Manual) Drain and Fill


Light Bulb Replacement – Front


Light Bulb Replacement – Rear


Pre or post Purchase Inspection


A/C Service (Recharge Refrigerant & Leak Detect)


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