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steering and suspension

Hopefully, one day in the future, the roads will be the smoothest they have ever been, and they will be debris-free. Let’s be honest. By then, we will have flying cars. The truth is that debris is going to be there on the road. Thanks to our steering and suspension systems, we will barely, if at all, feel them on the road if we can’t avoid them. The suspension and steering systems make the bumps and dips bearable when driving. That is why Argonaut Garage in Berkeley CA is here to ensure those systems are working correctly on your vehicle.

Suspension & Steering Service Berkeley CA

Your steering and suspension systems do require some maintenance to ensure they are working at peak performance. Still, the unfortunate thing is, most drivers do not think about their steering or suspension systems and forget about them. Loose, leaking, or squeaking suspension parts could pose a risk to your safety when driving and should be looked at as soon as you can. Our team of expert mechanics have trained for years to ensure you have the most comfortable ride. Give us a call today if you notice anything out of the ordinary or your ride is not as comfortable as it used to be.

Suspension Repair Berkeley CA

Your suspension system consists of multiple components that seamlessly work together to ensure you don’t feel every bump, dip, or pothole in the road. Each component requires maintenance to ensure they are running smoothly, and that is exactly what we offer here at Argonaut Garage. When we do a suspension inspection on your vehicle, we inspect the following to ensure no signs of cracks, leaks, or excessive wear.

  • Control arms
  • Shocks and struts
  • Suspension bushings
  • Sway bar
  • Sway bar bushings
  • Coil springs
  • Ball joints

If there are any signs of cracks, leaks, or excessive wear, our team will inform you immediately and offer the appropriate repairs. Let the experts at Argonaut Garage keep your vehicle in top shape with our outstanding services.

Suspension & Steering Service Near Me

Here at Argonaut Garage in Berkeley, CA, you are the big cheese, and don’t you forget it! We strive to offer the best customer service and automotive repairs in town. Our drive, our firmly rooted automotive past, our foresight to the progressive vehicle future, and the care we provide to our customers set us apart from the rest. Give us a call today for all your automotive repair needs.

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