Professional Suspension Repair

Hazards are a fact of life on the road, but a trusted suspension repair shop will keep your vehicle performing as it should. If you’ve driven around Berkeley for any length of time, no doubt you’ve come across various road hazards that threaten your vehicle: road debris, car parts, curbs, potholes and more.

The good news is that Argonaut Garage in Berkeley can get your suspension repairs under control. With more than 4,000 square feet of workspace, the suspension repairs you expect are more efficient than ever. We’ve expanded our offerings to better serve our Berkeley-area customers. From inspections to complicated repairs, we offer the most extensive array of suspension repair services, including shocks, struts, sway bars, control arms and more.

Timely Suspension Repair and Maintenance

The way you drive your vehicle is just as important as how you take care of it. Regular maintenance gives our technicians the chance to inspect your vehicle for hidden problems. Looseness, leaks and squeaks can easily become a major safety issue, but prompt suspension repairs will keep your car running true. With Argonaut Garage’s personalized service program and ASE-Certified technicians, your vehicle will run at its best.

Maintenance isn’t all we do at Argonaut Garage, because we know maintenance alone isn’t always enough. Sometimes parts just wear out, which is when our suspension repair specialists get to work. Whether the issue is connected to bearings, bushings, shocks, struts or ball joints, we’ll get your suspension repairs done correctly.

Passionate Suspension Repairs at Argonaut Garage

It’s our passion that drives us and makes Argonaut Garage different from other suspension repair shops. We love cars, whether classic model or modern marvel, and there’s nothing like getting your car fixed by someone who loves what they’re doing. Of course, we back up our passion with ASE certifications, industry-standard practices, and top-quality parts. If you need suspension repair, you can trust Argonaut Garage.

Argonaut Garage – “A forward-moving, technologically savvy institution with its roots planted in the honor and integrity of the past.”

Suspension Repair in Berkeley, CA at Argonaut Garage

Total Trust

More than service with a smile…service with professionalism, efficiency, knowledge about the field, honesty and courtesy. Run (well Drive) – do not walk next time you need repairs for your car!

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Argonaut Garage Gives You More:

  • A Full-Service Location
  • Professional, Personalized Service
  • ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Classic Car Expertise
  • Hybrid Car Specialists
  • Certified Green Business
  • Available Shuttle Transport
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Trustworthy and No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

Whether an O2 sensor needs replacement or a new transmission rebuilt, our Service Advisors make sure every diagnosis is explained, and make sure you completely approve of the recommendations, before any repair is performed. Learn more about what a particular service is by watching our educational videos.

We have a video library that is meant to educate our customers and help them to achieve a higher level of understanding about a specific Repair.

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