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tesla performanceTesla is one of the most advanced and well-respected auto brands on the market today, and it’s clear to see why! Between the high-end technology, sleek design, and superior driving capabilities, it’s no wonder why so many drivers are eager to own a Tesla. And when you need the best Tesla repair service in Berkeley, CA, you’ve got to come straight to the luxury car experts here at Argonaut Garage! Call us today for your next Tesla service in Berkeley, CA, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Tesla Service and Maintenance Berkeley CA

When you own a high-end, luxury ride like a Tesla, you want to do everything you can to make sure it can last you on the long road ahead, and the best way to do that is to bring it in for routine service and preventative maintenance with the team here at Argonaut Garage. At Argonaut Garage, our certified Tesla experts are here to get you the service and maintenance your Tesla needs, making sure you leave our shop with your Tesla in optimal driving condition. Whether you need diagnostic testing, brake repair, or even a performance upgrade, Argonaut Garage has got you covered. Come see the professionals here at Argonaut Garage today for the best Tesla service in Berkeley, CA, guaranteed. 

Tesla Performance Upgrades Berkeley CA

When you need expertly installed performance upgrades for your Tesla, you’ve got to come and see the professional Tesla specialists here at Argonaut Garage. If you want your advanced high-end Tesla to get even better, then you might just need to be treated to a performance upgrade. At Argonaut Garage, our expert mechanics are eager to get you the Tesla performance package you deserve. This performance upgrade package includes an upgraded brake system, a suspension drop, 20-inch wheels, and a carbon fiber spoiler. This upgrade package requires specific training to complete, and at Argonaut Garage, all our professional, expert mechanics are ready to make your Tesla even better. Call Argonaut Garage today for the best Tesla performance upgrades in Berkeley, CA!  

Tesla Repair Service Near Me

Even a vehicle as advanced as your Tesla is going to be in need of more serious repair and TLC eventually. And whether your Tesla is facing basic wear and tear or you’ve found yourself in need of emergency repairs, Argonaut Garage is here to help. Our expertly trained mechanics are ready to get your Tesla the repairs it needs so that you can drive it for many years and miles to come. And we know how important your Tesla is to your lifestyle, which is why we value efficiency and thoroughness in every Tesla service we perform. When you need expert Tesla repair in Berkeley, CA, come and see the professionals at Argonaut Garage

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