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Timing is everything, not just in life, but within your vehicle’s engine as well. While many newer vehicles have made the switch to timing chains, millions of vehicles with timing belts remain on the road. With a limited lifespan, you’ll need a trusted shop for timing belt replacement. In Berkeley, Argonaut Garage is that place— your timing belt replacement shop.

Our experienced technicians and loyal customers have been growing in number. Argonaut Garage now offers even more services than ever before, including timing belt replacements with utmost accuracy and efficiency.

Professional Timing Belt Replacement When You Need It

No matter what you drive– a small hybrid, a large classic or a luxury SUV– timing belt replacement is critical. Most manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement around 90 to 100,000 miles, because the engine can be damaged if the belt breaks. A stretched timing belt can cause the Check Engine light to come on, indicating performance and fuel economy problems. A competent timing belt replacement shop can get the job done properly and get your car back on the road in good time.

Replacing the timing belt on schedule, at the very least, will keep you from getting stranded. Timing belt replacement will also prevent collateral damage and spiraling engine repair costs. Argonaut Garage is equipped with all the tools necessary to maintain your ride— precisely when you need it.

What Sets Argonaut Garage Timing Belt Replacement Apart?

You can get your timing belt replaced almost anywhere, but what makes Argonaut Garage different? Yes, we are different— in the best possible ways:

  • Your expenses come before our profit.
  • We think of your vehicle as if our own family were in it.
  • Approaches and procedures are environmentally friendly.

Our technicians have honed their skills on many classic and modern vehicles. We cover everything from basic maintenance to advanced repair jobs, including oil changes, timing belt replacement, tune-ups and engine repairs. Argonaut Garage uses only quality parts and industry-proven repair methods, and we personalize every service.

Argonaut Garage – “A forward-moving, technologically savvy institution with its roots planted in the honor and integrity of the past.”

Timing Belt Replacement in Berkeley, CA at Argonaut Garage

Total Trust

More than service with a smile…service with professionalism, efficiency, knowledge about the field, honesty and courtesy. Run (well Drive) – do not walk next time you need repairs for your car!

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Argonaut Garage Gives You More:

  • A Full-Service Location
  • Professional, Personalized Service
  • ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Classic Car Expertise
  • Hybrid Car Specialists
  • Certified Green Business
  • Available Shuttle Transport

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